Lets Talk About Christmas on the Hottest Day of Spring (so far) (Diary of a Parish Priest)

6a0120a4f88a1c970b01a511d08afc970cAs many of you know, I have been reporting that our new church would be ready for worship by Christmas, 2014. The actual date we were given by the construction manager was quite a bit earlier, so we presumed that we would be safe to announce the date as Christmas. However the contractor has moved the “official finish date” twice and it is now around Christmas.

Those of you who have dealt with construction understand the delays that can multiply even without any major setbacks. Since no date we have been given has been accurate up until now, I am skeptical of a Christmas finish, although I am prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Even the new church with its expanded seating capacity was not designed for the crowds sometimes seen at Christmas, so perhaps it might make more sense to look at a New Year’s date. Tours of the almost completed new church at Christmas might be feasible.

You know by now, I hope, that with this blog and communications on Sunday, I try to keep you up to date with honest assessments about our project and our parish. I’ll keep you posted, especially if the completion date is moved officially by the contractor. We will do our part to encourage efficient construction and hope that Christmas 2014 remains an attainable goal.

Friday The Thirteenth Construction

Despite the foggy, rainy morning start, workers accomplished a great deal today. More of the roof sheathing from the original church was removed to expose the framework for the connection to the new church and laying of new sheathing.

Roof sheathing on the new roof construction continued and delivery of more shingles and underlayment was accepted and placed onto the roof for installation.

Tentative assignments and identification was made for all available stained glass windows. (see below)

The architect sent three colors to be considered for the louvers in the church gables. (see below)

More revisions for the cartoon of Mary and the Apostles were reviewed and amended.

Approval was given for a thinner, but more efficient exterior insulation to comply with brand new building code regulations.

And, oh yes, we had a deluge after all the workers went home!

Locations and identity of the stained glass windows for the new church are shown.

Locations and identity of the stained glass windows for the new church are shown.

DSCN2661 DSCN2670 DSCN2663

Rectory Scraped, Bleached Clean and Ready for a Coat of Primer

Powerwasher23-08The painters have finished scraping the flaking paint off the rectory and powerwashed the wood in preparation for a coat of primer paint. The weather forecast for this looks good next week sometime.

Remember please, that no money from the Capital Campaign is being used to complete this necessary maintenance of the rectory and that no interior alterations are being done at all. 


Spectacular Day, Spectacular Pictures

The weather was so beautiful yesterday I couldn't resist taking some pictures from a relatively unique location. You know that I have routinely taken photographs from the "old" choir loft, but I never have taken pictures from the "new" loft.


Part of Holy Cross campus

The Old from the New



God's Creation and Ours



Could you guess there is a bird's nest in the corner?



The roof from the loft

Church Finally Goes Under Cover

There isn't much of it in place yet, but a work crew began sheathing the roof today, screwing the plywood onto the steel trusses. When there is an actual "interior" space in the church, many more work crews can begin their separate tasks.

A delivery of air handling ductwork was received and placed into the basement. The concrete block work for the elevator shaft looks to be complete.

Work continues on the roof over the choir loft and gathering space. 


A Rim Around the Roof

Air Handling Ducts (and a Vizsla)

Elevator Shaft from the First Floor

The Sky's The Limit

Construction After the Deluge

Masons had begun work on the elevator shaft on the day before the torrential rains. 



From inside the church, the elevator shaft to the left, and the stairwell to the right

View from the South West Main Entry Door

Choir Loft from the floor of the nave.

Sanctuary and site of main altar.

 The pace of the construction project has accelerated somewhat with the coming of warmer weather, but until there is a roof in place, the entire site is subject to weather-related delays — now not the cold and ice, but the driving winds and rain.

Still on schedule for Christmas 2014.