We celebrated a prayeful mass on Ash Wednesay with parishioners and our school children along with imposition of ashes. The 4 PM liturgy and the 7 PM liturgy for Imposition of Ashes were also well attended.

Just a reminder that there are daily masses in the chapel at 9 AM, daily exposition of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday, Confessions and Stations of the Cross on Friday evenings. Morning Prayer (Liturgy of the Hours) has been incorporated into daily mass for the duration of Lent and Holy Week. Our adult faith enrichment series continues on Wednesday nights with a discussion of Church history from Comby. 

The chapel looks dignified and prayerful with its Lenten themed liturgical environment. 

Let us pray, fast, give alms.


Memorial Candles Available Online at Holy Cross Church


Did you know you that Memorial Candles and Cards are available from Holy Cross Church online?

Our 7 day memorial candles burn outside the chapel in the niche we have dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. The names or intentions for whom we pray that week are included in the Universal Prayer at our  Saturday morning mass.

You will recive a card acknowleding your donation and listing the week your intention will be read at mass and the candle will be placed before St. Mary.


We Remember the Faithful Departed During the Month of November


Memorial Candle Tree Lit at All Souls Day Mass


Thank you to the family members who prayed with us at the All Souls Day Mass in remembrance of their loved ones and all the deceased members of the parish.

Not only is All Souls Day set aside to pray for the dead, but the entire month of November is a time of remembrance and prayer for those who have gone before us and await the kingdom.

Our Memorial Book of the Dead is located in the vestibule of the chapel. Please feel welcome to inscribe the name(s) of anyone for whom you wish us to pray.


40 Days of Prayer Witness for Life

Today parishioners from Church of the Holy Cross joined others from Church of the Nativity and St. James Church to keep a vigil of prayer outside the Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic on Newman Springs Road in Red Bank.

For many years the clinic has been the site of prayerful vigils by the bishops of our diocese along with members of the faithful.

Today's witness marked the beginning of 40 consecutive days of prayer to bring an end to abortion – a goal which is more realistic now than any time in recent memory. Most Americans are opposed to abortion on demand and would limit or restrict them to a very small fraction of the number which are performed in the United States daily.

This is the abortion clinic in case you've never realized what it is by its unassuming appearance.

So many motorists pass by each day, imagine the prayers which could be directed toward the protection of human life and the safety of the unborn. The prayerful witness is silent: pray the rosary, read Scripture, recite the Divine Mercy chaplet, any non-confrontational but public prayer.

Our trio of parishes has been assigned Thursdays from 9 AM to 6 PM. If you can join us anytime during these Thursday vigils please call the Parish Office to sign up for a specific hour so we know we can count on you.

Grant Us Peace

2260494905_1673413c07Thank you to all who prayed with us for peace after the 12 noon mass. The service was prayerful and reverent. It was, I think, the first time the Blessed Sacrament has been exposed for veneration in our gymatorium. We still, of course, cannot use incense anywhere on the campus since both the chapel and the gym are wired with smoke detectors which immediately object to such things as burning incense. 

It was good for us to unite our minds and hearts in worldwide prayer for peace in Syria, the Middle East and the world. 

Let us persist in prayer for the security of the world and the dignity of all God's peoples.


Pope Petitions Day of Fasting and Prayer for Peace

Dove_with_oliveAs you know, Pope Francis has asked for a worldwide day of prayer and fasting for peace, especially in Syria and the Middle East on Saturday, September 7th. 

Please fast and pray privately on this day of solidarity with our brothers and sisters all around the globe for the blessing of peace and amity among all earth's citizens.

On Sunday, though we cannot enjoin fasting on the day which celebrates the Lord's resurrection, please join us in a communal celebration of prayer for peace immediately following the 12 noon mass. (Those not attending the 12 noon mass can plan on arriving at approximately 12:45 PM) The USCCB and the Office of Worship of the Diocese of Trenton have kindly provided resources for the prayer service, which will consist of a prayer service and brief period of silent reflection before the Blessed Sacrament. 


 Join us on Sunday, September 8th at 12:45 PM – 1:15 PM for a prayer service

and reflection before the Blessed Sacrament.

Pope Consecrates Vatican City State to Sts. Michael and Joseph

How heartening to see both Pope Francis and Pope Emeritus Benedict together in public at the consecration of the new monument to St. Michael the Archangel in the Vatican gardens.

Pope Francis spoke about St. Michael in the context of the modern world:

In the Vatican Gardens there are several works of art. But this, which has now been added, takes on particular importance, in its location as well as the meaning it expresses. In fact it is not just celebratory work but an invitation to reflection and prayer, that fits well into the Year of Faith. Michael—which means “Who is like God?”—is the champion of the primacy of God, of His transcendence and power. Michael struggles to restore divine justice and defends the People of God from his enemies, above all by the enemy par excellence, the devil. And St. Michael wins because in him, there is He God who acts. This sculpture reminds us then that evil is overcome, the accuser is unmasked, his head crushed, because salvation was accomplished once and for all in the blood of Christ. Though the devil always tries to disfigure the face of the Archangel and that of humanity, God is stronger, it is His victory and His salvation that is offered to all men. We are not alone on the journey or in the trials of life, we are accompanied and supported by the Angels of God, who offer, so to speak, their wings to help us overcome so many dangers, in order to fly high compared to those realities that can weigh down our lives or drag us down. In consecrating Vatican City State to St. Michael the Archangel, I ask him to defend us from the evil one and banish him.

We also consecrate Vatican City State in St. Joseph, guardian of Jesus, the guardian of the Holy Family. May his presence make us stronger and more courageous in making space for God in our lives to always defeat evil with good. We ask Him to protect, take care of us, so that a life of grace grows stronger in each of us every day.



Pope Francis blesses new statue of St. Michael the Archangel in the Vatican Gardens


The Light of Faith – “Lumen Fidei”

The Light of Faith

The papal encyclical of Francis with the collaboration of Benedict highlights once again, the difficulties a disciple of Jesus faces in the modern world.

The encyclical, though brief, is not a breezy read. I won't even try to summarize the whole letter, but point out two of the many passages which invited me to pray:

Faith is not a light which scatters all our darkness, but a lamp which guides our steps in the night and suffices for the journey. To those who suffer, God does not provide arguments which explain everything; rather, his response is that of an accompanying presence, a history of goodness which touches every story of suffering and opens up a ray of light. 

 And, of course, the prayer which closes the encyclical itself:

 Let us turn
in prayer to Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of our faith. 

help our faith! 

our ears to hear God’s word and to recognize his voice and call. 

in us a desire to follow in his footsteps, to go forth from our own land and to
receive his promise. 

us to be touched by his love, that we may touch him in faith. 

us to entrust ourselves fully to him and to believe in his love, especially at
times of trial, beneath the shadow of the cross, when our faith is called to

Sow in
our faith the joy of the Risen One. 

us that those who believe are never alone. 

us to see all things with the eyes of Jesus, that he may be light for our path.
And may this light of faith always increase in us, until the dawn of that
undying day which is Christ himself, your Son, our Lord!