Parish Life

Newly Ordained Priest to celebrate Thursday Morning’s Mass

Fr. Jerome Guld, a newly ordained priest for the Diocese of Trenton, will visit and celebrate tomorrow morning's regular 9 AM mass. Father had visited our school many times as a diocesan seminarian and after mass will visit with as many classes as his schedule permits. He will be accompanied by another familiar face to our school students, Seminarian Richard Osborn, who will also visit with our students.


Memorial Day Weekend

Not only have sacred holy days been commercialized almost beyond recognition in recent years, but neither can the more somber notes be heard in the gleeful celebrations of some our national holidays.

Memorial Day is now taken to mean the official start of summer, more than a commemoration of those who have served to protect our country and lost their lives in sacrifice.

Please take some time to join the Holy Cross contingent in the Rumson parade, or to observe the day at the service in Sea Bright. I hope to see many parishioners at both events.

Enjoy a peaceful and refreshing Memorial Day weekend.


The Lost Sheep (one of them anyway)

Rumson police returned one of our lost lambs from the evidence locker at Police Headquarters. We hadn't seen this lamb for a while. This was part of the theft in the first of three lambnappings. In this 2005 caper, two sheep were stolen: this one was recovered from a mailbox in Middletown with two fractured back legs. It was successfully dusted for fingerprints and returned to us these many years later for possible repairs. 

The lamb taken from in front of the rectory in 2006 by a young girl who wrapped it in a garbage bag was never recovered, but was last seen headed toward Pond Road in Rumson.

Of two lambs most recently stolen in 2011, one had been returned within days of the original theft.

Oh, the pastoral challenges of tending a flock!



Little lost sheep on the mend

Some Repairs to the Rectory

Parishioners and neighbors alike will see some work being done on the rectory over the next few weeks. 

The rectory has obviously been in need of painting for some time. The hope was that siding could be applied and stained to match the new church construction, or that the same vendor supplying the church could extend a good deal for the additional siding. 

Far more important than the paint, however, is the condition of the windows. All the framing around the windows is in poor shape, but some has actually rotted leaving the hinges free. 

At this time, the parish budget can sustain neither replacing all the windows, nor installing maintenance free siding on the rectory, but something must be done.

Competitive bids have been received for replacement of the seven worst window frames and for scraping and painting the rectory.

No funds will be applied to this work from the capital campaign funds and no work is being done on the interior furnishings or appointments in the rectory. The windows are ordered and will take some time to arrive, but the painting should be completed in a few weeks. It will be nice to see the rectory looking its best again and comforting to realize we have acted as responsible stewards of parish property.




Seed Packets for Mother’s Day

Mothers will be gifted with a small token of esteem for them after all the masses this weekend. Please take a brochure "10 Things That Make for a Great Catholic Mom" along with an attached packet of wildflower seeds. The mix contains daisy, red poppy, Baby's Breath, Forget-Me-Not and Sunflower seeds. Plant the seeds and let us know how they grow, or take pictures, or bring them (…perhaps only "it") to display before one of Mary's statues in our chapel.


First Holy Communions To Be Celebrated This Saturday

Celebrate_christian_187929How exciting to be in the final week before the celebration of our First Holy Communions this coming Saturday. One of my favorite privileges as a priest is to be able to introduce children to Jesus in the Eucharist for the very first time. The day is always a joyful one for the entire family, sometimes including great grandparents!

Pray for our first communicants that this day begins a lifelong love of Eucharist and strengthening with the Body and Blood of Christ.